The Speedwell Foundation, founded by Jenny and Mike Messner, champions Urban Parks and Education; two areas of effort that align towards opening and expanding these public spaces to a wider population, where every person feels welcome.

The opportunity to bike a reclaimed greenway, learn in a technology enriched classroom or travel abroad to learn a new culture; all are benefits of investment in infrastructures that strengthen civic involvement and democratic ideals. This is where the Speedwell Foundation has ventured and continues to operate. The Speedwell Foundation invites a reimagining of urban life that connects people to nature and to each other.

In some cases, Speedwell Foundation projects are a direct response to catastrophic events. The Speedwell AFS Study Abroad Scholarships were initiated in the wake of the 9/11 attacks. The Red Fields to Green Fields initiative to transform vacant and foreclosed real estate into parks was spurred by the 2008 Financial Crisis. A study of the Economic Impacts of Covid 19 on the Georgia Economy was made during the initial wave of the pandemic.

Yet in all projects, The Speedwell Foundation continues to press forward, investing time, expertise, funding and encouragement to build more resilient communities with expanded individual opportunities and a healthier, greener place to call home.